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Fishing Procedure

  1. Federal and State Rules and Regulations governing the waters to be fished will be strictly observed.
  2. No intentional fishing to spawning fish.
  3. All main River channels are fishable.
  4. Only trout species will be counted for scoring. Each sucker, carp or walleye caught will NOT be penalized other than the fishing time lost by the contestant fooling around with a non-scoring fish.
  5. Foul hooked trout will not be scored and must be returned to the water immediately. Foul hooked fish of any species will NOT be penalized other than fishing time lost to releasing the fish.
  6. Hooking a guide or competitor, in the interest of safety, will incur a penalty in the form of a $50.00 donation to the designated charity (a one time penalty per session).
  7. Fishing Hours
    Day One Hours are from 9:00am to Noon and 1:00pm to 5:00pm.
    Day Two Hours are from 8:00am to Noon and 1:00 to 4:30pm.
    * One hour is allotted for lunch and competitor exchange at a designated rendezvous location beginning at noon each day. Official scoring will cease between Noon and 1:00pm each day and promptly at the end of each day’s session.
  8. Contestants Must Rotate from front seat to the rear seat position at the half-way time point of each fishing session. The morning rotation must occur at 10:30am and the afternoon rotation must occur at 3:00pm. Contestants will mutually agree on the initial boat position assignment. This rotation must occur even if an angler ceases to compete through completion of his daily score (see Scoring below).
  9. The person in the front of the boat has the choice of boat position, within reason, such as right or left bank, casting distances etc. or stopping the boat at legally permissible locations. Each guide will be the sole judge regarding the safety, legality and advisability of any requested maneuver.