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Two Fly 2020 & COVID-19

Friends of the Two Fly –

We hope this letter finds you faring well amidst this pandemic that has changed our lives, temporarily. The Two Fly Board has been following the news closely, as we all know our 16th annual tournament is approaching. The decision of canceling or continuing this year’s tournament has been incredibly hard. Typical Two Fly decisions aren’t all that tough. Nymph or Streamer? Scotch or Whiskey? Silver Oak or Caymus? Should I really have another bacon knot? (That’s a stupid question, of COURSE you should.) Honestly, we’re not sure this board would have lasted 16 years if decisions like this came more than once; we have the easiest job ever. Put on a great party with 60 of your friends while spending two days fishing on the river. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Once we put this mess into perspective, it became an easy decision to cancel this year’s tournament. Besides the obvious health concerns and inability to socially distance our group who seems to get uncomfortable if they are more than 6 feet from the bar, let alone each other… our industry has suffered and we are all focused elsewhere. We recognize you have companies to run, employees to encourage and a recovery to ensure. Canceling this one tournament will not impact the Two Fly family, we are sure of that fact. We will all come back together in 2021 like nothing ever happened, as if we just saw each other yesterday… as we do each and every year.

Our plan is to carry over the 2020 recipients to next year’s tournament so we can still raise the funds to support their amazing organizations. For our underwriters, sponsors, and participants who have already paid; we thank you for your continued support of the Two Fly Foundation. Based on our normal practice of gouging and pickpocketing everyone during the tournament, you may expect us to tell you we are keeping your money. Not this year. We understand times are tough right now, so we would like to offer you three options.  Please contact us  and tell us:

  • Keep my money and apply it to the 2021 tournament.
  • Keep my money and donate it to the recipients this year.  I will pay again in 2021.
  • Send my money back… fast!

We promise there are no strings attached, no guilt, no hard feelings… this ONE time! You all need to do what is best for your particular situation. We aren’t going to keep a record or act like your wife that never forgets that one time you forgot her birthday. Next year though, all bets are off. We will open your wallets and take everything we can; we have no pride.

Once again, this was a really hard decision for the board to make as we look forward to the tournament as much as you do each year. The thought of missing a year is painful, but it’s the right thing to do. We will be thinking of you, your families, and your respective companies… and will see your smiling faces next year.

The Two Fly Foundation Board of Directors
Cary Brus, Brice Carpenter, Kim DeVore, Craig Shanor, Tom Swanson, Tad True, Jack Wold


Welcome to the Two Fly Foundation website!

The Two Fly Foundation appreciates how lucky we are to have the North Platte River, a marvelous fishery, right at our back door. Our passion for the environment and our communities prompted us to organize an annual fly fishing tournament as a way of helping local charities and various rehabilitation projects on the North Platte River. Fly fishermen from the oil and gas industry unite each year to compete for great prizes and fun. Each year’s tournament provides plenty of entertainment and stories to tell, but more importantly affords the oil and gas industry yet another opportunity to help the environment and our community.

> Find out more about what we do and how to become a part of the movement.

Two Fly Tournament 2021

The 16th annual tournament will be held on May 5, 6, and 7, 2021. There will be an estimated 30 two-man teams competing for the trophy fish. Each day holds many activities and lots of great fishing. The tournament is concluded with a ceremonial evening and auction of fine art – all of this benefiting worthy causes. We are passionate about our river and the betterment of our community. That is why the focus of our tournament is to raise money for Wyoming charities and preserve the wildlife habitat — all while having fun!

Over $2.35 Million Donated!

Because of the generosity of our donors and sponsors, Two Fly was able to award $230,000 to our 2019 charities following our May 2019 event! The Warriors Afield Legacy Foundation was awarded $115,000. The Self Help Center received $80,500 and the Platte River Revival was given $34,500.

In 15 years, the Two Fly Foundation has awarded $2,351,000 to 25 unique charities. Last year, we partnered with the Child Development Center of Natrona County and Greater Wyoming Big Brothers Big Sisters. Previous beneficiaries include Joshua’s StorehouseCASA of Natrona County, CLIMB WyomingWyoming Food for Thought, Make-A-Wish and Wyoming Cares. Each year, a portion of our proceeds goes to the Platte River Revival, a restoration and rehabilitation project along the North Platte River.

Our Beneficiaries

The Two Fly Foundation Board of Directors is in the process of collecting request letters from organizations desirous of receiving a portion of the proceeds from our upcoming event.

Interested in being a future beneficiary? Either mail or email us a request letter explaining your organization. These are usually quite simple – who you are, what you do, why you are requesting to be a Two Fly beneficiary, and any other pieces of information you feel are pertinent. Please submit your letter to us in late summer/early fall of the year prior to the event. For the 2020 event, we ask that letters are submitted by October 31, 2019.


Video courtesy of Mark Boname at the Platte River Fly Shop. Used with Permission.

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