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The Contest Flies

  1. Two (2) Fly Maximum
    Each contestant will fish with two (2) flies at all times during the contest hours.
  2. Two (2) Pattern Choices
    Each contestant will choose the two (2) fly patterns they will use each day and notify their guide prior to official fishing time so that it may be officially recorded. Different fly patterns may be used on the second day.

    • Two conventional fly patterns (dry, wet, nymph, streamer, etc.) may be used as long as each individual fly is no larger than size #2 with a shank length not to exceed 4X. (Exception: In the interest of safety, a single streamer may be used.)
    • Two flies of the same pattern may be used even if they vary in size. For example, two Aunt Betty’s Specials size #32 and #18 may be used or even two of Betty’s size #32.
  3. Flies
    Lead headed jigs or molded head jigs, Clouser Minnows, or flies with dumbbell eyes or bead heads are permissible as long as they do NOT exceed the size specification in ‘A’ above.
  4. Hooks
    All flies must be on a single barbless hook or a hook with the barb pushed closed. No tandem or stinger flies may be used although articulated flies with one hook are permitted.
  5. Different Fly Sizes and Replacements
    The contestant may use as many different sizes or replacements of each chosen pattern during the competition day from his own stock. For example, the angler may switch from a size #8 brown conehead to a size #4 brown conehead without cost but he may NOT switch to another color. Change of colors or patterns will incur a donation as detailed in section “F” below.
  6. Pattern/Color Changes
    Any contestant desiring to change one or both fly patterns during the competition day can purchase the privilege for $25.00, in the form of a donation to the charity. The $25 donation purchases one fly pattern change. There will be no limit to the number of switches for “compulsive fly changers” except for their capacity to donate to the designated charity.
  7. Lost flies or flies with broken hooks may readily be replaced from the contestant’s personal inventory.